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Our Mission

"Growth in Harmony" - With a dedicated and professional staff and a committed parent body, W.P.P.S. strives to provide quality education and develop social skills through maximum involvement, self discipline and effort.

WPPS Aftercare 

The WPPS Aftercare was started in 1995 as there was found to be a need for a safe place to leave children while parents are at work. 

The Junior Aftercare pupils are looked after by Caregivers.  The Grade 1's and Grade 2's have a time allocated for homework with qualified teachers before they are allowed to play. The Senior Aftercare (Gr 3 - Gr 7) is generally staffed by teachers who give up their time to look after the children.  There is a formal homework period of about an hour followed by 'tea' (a snack) then there is time to play.

The Aftercare is open during all the school holidays except for December.

Children get at least one hot meal a week.  They also enjoy hamburgers, hot dogs and a variety of rolls. Learners are able to participate in all extra murals offered by the school and do not have to worry about transport.


For further details contact Mrs Ivy Erasmus in the office at (011) 679-5625 ext 202.

Fees are R1650 per month over 11 months (January to November).

Aftercare teachers are all fully trained teachers and are able to assist all learners with homework and studying.

Teachers are trained in First Aid, should any situation arise.

After homework is completed children have time to play and enjoy themselves.  Teachers on duty will take learners swimming in the summer months and to play on the field, tennis and netball courts on other days.

During the holidays, activities and games will be arranged to keep your children busy and entertained.

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